Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bug's Quilt.

I do not profess to be crafty. (I can knit, but that's it.) I am not even terribly domestic. But, last May, I ordered a very basic sewing machine on a whim after being inspired by looking at some incredible quilts by Denyse Schmidt. After looking at her quilts, I felt the desire to create something. It was, perhaps, a reaction to the stress that I wanted to make something "pretty." Or, maybe I am nesting. Who knows.

So, the sewing machine came last spring, and I made my mom a quilt for Christmas. I also started a Block of the Month Club. (I have posted a few pictures here of one block, but, I confess, I am several months behind.) After I completed the quilt for my mom at Christmas, I decided I wanted to make my sister a quilt for her upcoming wedding.

I am in love with anything by Fig Tree Quilts and enrolled in their quarterly project club. When the October project came in -- a pattern called "Cobblestones" -- I thought it would be a great wedding quilt. It was a rush to make it in time for my sister's shower, which was yesterday, but I did finish it. This time, I remembered to take a few photos before wrapping it.

I gave it to Bug yesterday at her shower. I was so thrilled that she liked it. I am a little burnt out after the rush to complete this quilt, but I watched almost the entire third season of Mad Men while I worked on it, so maybe I will have to find a small project to work on while I watch the last few episodes.

Pictures of the shower to follow soon...