Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paint colors? Check.

I just came back from the house, and I am so excited! So much progress has been made -- it looks like a completely different house! I can't wait until the paint is done and the floors are in!

We decided on paint colors Sunday. Since we don't have a lot of furniture or any idea how we'll decorate the place, we decided to go with neutrals:

The top color is for the living and dining rooms, the right-hand color is the color for the family dining room, the lightest color is for the bedrooms, and the darkest is for the guest bath.

I will post some before pics in the next couple days. I'm starting to get excited now that it's coming together!


Sarah said...


WeezerMonkey said...

Dare I say it?
All look same!

Don't kick me. ;)

amber said...

i like the color palette although i also love neutrals, so go figure. ;)

pictures! pictures! pictures!

Nanette said...

Very nice!

California Girl said...

Paint is tough! And it can totally make or break a room!

I love the neutrals. We have a neutral like that and a creme/yellow in our house. Just those two colors. It's wonderful!

wan-nabe said...

yup, i'm on the neutral train, too. love it!