Sunday, September 14, 2008

Isn't she lovely?

Last Sunday, we drove north and spent the weekend in Ventura County for Missy's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Saturday and her "big and special day" on Sunday.

A little background: Missy is more family than friend. Bug, Missy, and I grew up together and have spent almost all major holidays together since we were about seven years old. Bug and Missy are the same age and have been bff since first grade. Growing up, Missy always said that, when she got married, Bug would be here Maid of Honor, and I would perform the ceremony.

After getting engaged last year, she called and asked me to officiate the wedding. I have never officiated, but this has always been her plan, so I was honored and said yes (even though I was, admittedly, a little nervous about messing up the wedding ceremony of one of my nearest and dearest friends, but hey, no pressure).

The wedding took place at the Mandalay Beach Resort on the ocean. I stole a quick shot of the girls, getting ready for their close-ups.

Bug in her Maid of Honor dress. She's so stinkin' cute.

Since I was officiating, Josh took some photos. However, I deleted the pictures of me officiating. I am telling myself that Josh was just taking the photos from a bad angle and not that I am the size of an elephant. I know, I am being that girl, but well ... the pictures were too depressing to post.

The ceremony went really well. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all. I felt good about the way it went, and everyone was really complimentary, which was sweet. Missy was happy with it, which is all that mattered to me.

I almost got a little choked up when I pronounced them Mr. and Mrs., but I kept it in check.

The happy couple!

With the ceremony done, I was ready for the party. The ballroom, all set up for the reception.

Centerpieces. My entire, immediate family was invited as well as Jackie and PJ, and we were all seated together at Table 10. How...perfect? :)

The cake.

Mom and grandma.

Bug and Anthony.

Dad and Cathy

Our table was, hmm, how should I say this ... a little rowdy? We are fun when we all get together, what can I say. Plus, my Uncle Paul flew in from St. Louis, and he is an absolute riot, so needless to say we were having our own little party over at Table 10. (Yes, that's my Uncle with the napkin on his face. No, I don't know why.)

Someone thought it would be a good idea to take a group picture. My uncle, sans date, decided to ask one of the servers if he would stand by him during the picture. This photo was taken right as he asked the server to bear his children. Again, don't ask.

It's a funny picture though, no?

My sister's maid-of-honor speech was awesome!

First dance!

The wedding was such a blast. I busted my tipsy, uncoordinated moves out on the dance floor, saw a bunch of old family friends, and did not check my Blackberry once. It was such a blast!

Congrats, Missy and Ray!! Oh, and Happy One Weekaversary today!


Peter said...

It looks like a beautiful wedding. I'm sure you did a great job! What did you wear to officiate? I'm just curious as to what a woman would wear to do that... no, I'm not sexist. I've just never seen it before.

Winnie said...

Sounds like a great time! Congratulations to your friend and yay for your first experience as an officiant! I'm sure you looked just fine :) Bad angles happen; blame the photographer ;-)

wan-nabe said...

your whole family is just so cute!

sad that you didn't love any of the pictures of you as officiant. i bet you looked great, though! congrats on getting through it.

i smell a new knot vendor!

WeezerMonkey said...

Yay! I bet you were a great officiant!

Nanette said...

Lovely! And I'm also sad there are no pics of you in action, but I understand. We're our own worst critic. ;)

H said...

Good job to the officiant, congrats to Missy and Ray, and I think your sister looks like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in those pics! Super cute!

danica said...

you are so fabulous --- officiating your first wedding. the bride + wedding party looked great. and i'm sure the pics of you look great -- i want to see you in all of your official glory!! : )

California Girl said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! And I love the Mandalay Beach Resort! We stayed there for a weekend when we were kids and it was so fabulous. Haven't been back since but the memories are great.

That's so awesome that you were officiating!

amber said...

what a beautiful wedding - the bride and groom look so happy! i bet you were a great officiant. :)

10yearstogether said...

What an honor to be the officiant at her wedding, you just can't top that. Beautiful bride and wedding.

R said...

So awesome! That family picture and explanation was hilarious. I'm sure you looked beautiful and were a kick ass officiant! :)

dapotato said...

LOVE the group photo. so much fun.