Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas from Oly.

Merry (belated) Christmas! We spent Christmas this year with Josh's parents in Olympia, Washington. This post is a little delayed, but if I procrastinate it any longer, it'll never happen. So, because I am lazy, here are a few pictures from the day and some captions:

As usual, all of the family dogs were present, and Josh went crazy for them...

Josh and his parents' massive Airedale, Teddy.

Josh and Kitt and Arian's dog, Boutros. (Josh really wants a big dog ... can you tell?)

Josh and his mom prepping the Christmas feast.

Josh's grandparents showing off their Christmas present -- a trip with the kids. I love his grandparents so much. They are the sweetest people. And, they are such an inspiration to given they just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!

Josh's brother, Kitt, and his wife, Arian.

Josh's nephew in a hamburger beret he won in the white elephant gift exchange. (I made away with a bunch of Lindt chocolate -- score!!)

Josh's cousin playing with his new toy -- a car with a balloon on top. He and his sister are so stinkin' cute, I swear.

After dinner, Josh and Jason decided to play ping pong in the garage. Josh found an old Viking hat with braids.

This picture makes me laugh so hard, my side hurts. What can I say, he's special. :)

I hope you all had wonderful holidays, full of family, friends, and good times. Here's to an even better 2009.


WeezerMonkey said...


So...are there two other dogs, another one who is named Boutros and the other Ghali?

R said...

Oh my...that picture made me laugh too! So great!

dapotato said...

LOVE the viking hat. and teddy the airedale is pretty freaking cute, too.

H said...

Josh looks like the life of the party!

Happy New Year, Weatherpeople!

Winnie said...

Josh just seems like such a fun guy to hang out with. I love, love, love that last picture.

wan-nabe said...

that first picture had me totally grinning my ass off.

and the viking hat! awesome.

California Girl said...

I LOVE Teddy!!