Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Saturday, Another BBQ.

What can I say, we are not very exciting around here these days. This is the first day since mid-March I haven't worked, and the thought of doing anything other than vegging out was definitely not appealing. So, when Bug called and suggested we BBQ some salmon, I was more than game.

I slept in and woke up with no alarm (which was glorious) and then helped Josh clean our house before Bug and her med school pals arrived. My dad and Cathy also came over, and we cooked up a delicious meal of salmon (caught by my mom in Alaska), asparagus, and salad.

Bug's dog, Pazzi, contemplating taking a plunge. In the background, you can see our roses are starting to bloom. It's amazing to me they have managed to survive living with Josh and me. Scrappy little things.

Other than this, there's really not much to report. God, I have been terrible about keeping this blog up. I just feel like nothing "blogworthy" has happened over here in awhile. Too much work leads to not enough fun, I guess.

Actually, one exciting thing has happened since I posted last: Josh and I found amazing flight fares roundtrip from LAX to Paris for $500, so we booked tickets for a week over New Year's Eve! So exciting -- wish it weren't so far away and we could leave right now! But, alas, I am stuck going back to the grindstone tomorrow morning. However ... since it still IS Saturday, so I am going to go make myself a margarita and sit in the hot tub!


WeezerMonkey said...

Ugh! I hate that you're working so much! There are downtown restaurants I want to try with you!

Winnie said...

You work way too much :( I'm glad that you got to sleep in and had some fun though, even if it's just for one day.

wan-nabe said...

ooh, paris! how exciting!

i don't usually have anything particularly "blogworthy" either - but i bore my readers to tears with my mundane crap anyway ;)

amber said...

Any weekend spent by the pool is a good one in my book! :)

R said...

Sleeping until you wake up IS divine.