Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Roma: Day 3

Wednesday morning, we woke up early and had another lovely breakfast with Giorgio. Then, we set out for the Vatican.

We were lucky to get tickets to a general audience with the Pope, which was really incredible. The Pope gave blessings and a homily in seven different languages. Cardinals from around the world introduced various groups from around the globe who were present in the audience. A few choral groups even sang for the Pope when their names were called. It was truly an international experience.

(Side note: I really should buy some new lenses, including a zoom...)

After the papal audience, we headed to the Vatican Museum. I made reservations a month or so ago, so we were lucky to bypass the massive line and walk right in.

Ric and Lesley admiring the incredibly ornate ceilings.

We walked through most of the Museum and then into the Sistine Chapel (sadly, no photos allowed). The Sistine Chapel, although extremely crowded, was as breathtaking as I remembered.

We left the Vatican Museums and had planned on visiting St. Peter's Basilica, but the line was wrapped in and around the piazza, and we decided not to wait the 2-3 hours to get in. We will return early Friday morning to visit St. Peter's to beat the line.

So, we headed back to the apartment, had a nap, and then ate some delicious pizza at a restaurant close to the B&B. We walked around after dinner, got some gelato, and took a nice stroll through Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Tomorrow, we are off to explore ancient Rome. But for now, time for a little reading and then bed. Buona notte!


weezermonkey said...

Where are the food pics?! ;)

Nanette said...

So jealous! Living vicariously through your recaps!