Friday, August 10, 2007

Most efficient bridesmaid dress shopping ever!!!

One of my very best friends (and law school war buddy), "Moos" (based on the advice of a wise friend, no real names), is getting married at the end of the month in Portland to her college sweetheart. I am so excited to head up to the Northwest for what will surely be a gorgeous and fun-filled wedding weekend!

Moos, being the wonderful human being that she is, has decided we bridesmaids can wear any black dress of our choosing. (I told you she is a wonderful human being!) This seems slightly unfair since I made her wear a bright pink dress only last year, but I am not going to argue!

Anyway, realizing that the Big Day is only weeks away, I ordered 12 (yes, 12) black dresses from Banana Republic and JCrew, figuring I could try a bunch on all at once and save time and return the rejects. What can I say ... I am busy and definitely impatient. Or, as my fabulous roommate from Ithaca/sorority sister/adventurous travel buddy, "Roomie," says, "efficient."

So ... here is the winning dress!

Now that I have a dress, I am even more excited for the big weekend!! I cannot wait to see my law school pals and one of my sorority sisters who lived in Vancouver, and it will be nice to escape for a weekend. It has been awhile since I have had a vacation, so the weekend away will be pretty fab.


WeezerMonkey said...

12? 12?! That's dedication.

jmawrey said...

Yeah! Last night was so fun! Let's do it again next weekend if you don't go away from the big 1.0 anniversary!

amber said...

i'm impressed by your crazy shopping skillz. and the winning dress is super cute. :-)

wan-nabe said...

TWELVE dresses! that is awesome ;) you're my shopping hero!

R said...

Agreed. You are my hero. I would never think to order 12 black dresses to try on at home. Probably because I'm too lazy to return them all. ;)