Friday, September 28, 2007


So, it's been awhile, no? Hmm. Well, there hasn't been much to report. And, frankly, life has been pretty stressful.

The house thing is still plugging along, but financing has been stressful. The rates are changing daily, so it's kind of a roller coaster. We have a loan, but I had hoped for a lower rate. There's still time to back out, but I think we'll probably keep moving forward.

Work ... is, well, work. Monday started with the mediation of the case-I-hate-most. It was supposed to settle. Yes, I said "supposed to." No luck. Boo. Plus, all week, I kept feeling like I was screwing up everything I touched. Not a good feeling at all. Ah well, at least the week is over.

Tomorrow my cousin, Marco, arrives from Italy to stay with us for a week! I can't wait to see him and show him around town. He is always so hospitable every time I stay with him in Italy, so I'm looking forward to attempting to return the favor.

For now, I am off to watch "I Heart Huckabees" with Bug, Ajax, and Josh. Hopefully, there will be some fun to report on after the weekend.


amber said...

boo to being busy and stressed. hope the house stuff works out well. :)

California Girl said...

Hope you had a nice weekend! Did you like I heart Huckabees? That was the strangest movie ever... I don't we made it past 20 minutes.

wan-nabe said...

oh, poo. good luck with the house stuff - i know that we'd probably forge ahead if we were in your position, because renting just blows. :(