Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ahh, it's finally the weekend! I skipped out of work a little early yesterday and hit up Nordstrom's on my way home. I am out of all of my make-up and have been going to work with practically a bare face. Very scary. So, I decided to dedicate a small chunk of my bonus to some new goods.

I got a full-fledged makeover from the Laura Mercier counter. I went home with a bag full of Laura Mercier and Smashbox products. I have been a MAC girl for quite awhile, but I think I am in love with the Laura Mercier foundation and other skin stuff! When the gal handed me a mirror to check out her handiwork, I exclaimed: "I look like a girl!" That, I think, is a good thing. :)

My father-in-law also arrived yesterday for the weekend. We went to Home Depot last night to buy painting supplies and then to meet up with Jackie and PJ for dinner.

This morning, I was up early to have my hair cut & colored by Bella. I'm pretty sure this is the best cut of my life, and Bella took my hair back to its natural darkness. The new hair and the new make-up makes me feel like a brand new woman!

After getting the hair cut, it was time to start our big project of the weekend: painting the front of the house!!

We made some progress, but started to RAIN! Ahhhh! Luckily, it was brief and there was no paint streaking, but it was a close call. The plan is to resume tomorrow! I'll be sure to post some after pictures once the mission is accomplished.


WeezerMonkey said...

The house is nice and all, but WHERE ARE THE PICS OF NEW HAIR AND MAKEUP?

dapotato said...

photos! well, i guess we get to see you in person tomorrow. ;)

amber said...

you house has major "curb appeal" m'dear ;) i'm sure the paint makes it even better!

yay for LM! i'm a huge fan of their stuff (as you know) and i'm glad you had a good experience. pictures please :)

Winnie said...

The monkey said exactly what I wanted to say. C'mon!!

wan-nabe said...

i'm a huge LM fan, too.

and you look quite fabulous, m'dear! i don't need no stinking pictures - seeing you in person is way mucho better :)

R said...

I didn't get to see you yesterday so I feel cheated out of the new 'do and face. Share!!

Oh, and the house looks good. :)

Lilcee said...

I think the next post should include the makeover pic and the goods.

I love your house.