Saturday, March 1, 2008

30 by 30

Amber's "30 by 30" post inspired me to create a list of my own. I will be 30 in December 2010. Seems like a lot of time (although some items on the list are more ambitious than others).

So, without further ado, the list:

Body, Health, & Fitness
1. Lose weight
2. Run a 10k

3. Clean out my closet
4. Update my wardrobe
5. Get a make-up and hair makeover
6. Buy a classic trench coat
7. Own a Chanel suit

Mind, Heart, & Soul
8. Read the 50 Harvard Classics
9. Watch five "Best Picture" movies I've never seen
10. Visit a new continent
11. Take a dance class
12. Buy a new CD or discover a new album every month
13. Brush up on my Italian and read one book in Italian

14. Get involved with a non-profit organization
15. Attend a community event in our city
16. Become more involved with my political party

17. Go to trial
18. Set long-term goals
19. Become involved in one professional organization

20. Pay off credit cards
21. Buy an investment property

22. Get season tickets and go to the Hollywood Bowl
23. Take a romantic, weekend trip with Josh
24. Eat good dim sum
25. Brew a batch of beer with Josh
26. Visit Moos & H in DC
27. Continue quest for the best breakfast burrito
28. Furnish the house
29. Take a golf lesson
30. Throw a party at our new house


WeezerMonkey said...

What are the 50 Harvard Classics?

Good luck re trial...'cause that's what it is -- luck!

H said...

Yes! I love this list!!

It is possible that I am influenced by the fact that M and I will be beneficiaries of these noble goals ;-)

*** said...

fantastic list. maybe i should do it!

dapotato said...

nice list. i've thought about doing this but never gotten off my butt and written one.

Nanette said...

Great list! I have faith that you'll pull it all off, too!

amber said...

fun list! i know you'll get all of this accomplished and it should be fun doing it too!

if you're a fan of laura mercier, i highly recommend the in-store events when they have a regional consultant come in to do makeovers. super fun and pretty helpful. :)

angel said...

i'm happy to help you with the dim sum quest. ;-) xoxo

Winnie said...

Great list! Good luck accomplishing the 30 goals!

wan-nabe said...

this is a great list!

come october, you can cross off at least one of those things - a couple of times over :)

10yearstogether said...

I LOVE this post! It gave me the warm and fuzzies (warm fuzzies?)! I can't wait to hear how you tackle each and every one. Good luck!