Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunctions (alternatively titled, "Why Not to Buy a Cheap Suit at the Outlets")

My firm has a business casual policy unless you're in court, meeting with clients, etc. As a result, I am low on suits. So, I decided to buy a new suit for today's arbitration (and a couple of hearing and depositions that are happening in the next few weeks).

I wore my brand new suit to our big arbitration today. I was a little nervous/excited about conducting the direct examinations of two witnesses, but hey, new suit equals confidence, right?

About three hours in, my pants feel looser all of a sudden...hmmm...that's weird. I get up for a bathroom break, and those darn things feel like they are about to fall off.

Then, it hits me. My zipper is wide open! To make matters worse, in the ladies' room I discover the zipper is broken. Broken!!! On my new suit!!! Open fly + adversarial situation + public speaking!!! Ahhhhhh!

I managed to concoct a way to fasten them and buttoned my suit jacket so you couldn't see my, er, lower stomach. Luckily, the entire arbitration occurred sitting down.

Other than the wardrobe malfunction, the arbitration went really well! As nerdy as this may be, I thought it was a blast! We had to continue it another day, so there is time to get my money back and buy a sturdier suit!

In more good news, Josh brought home Girl Scout Cookies!!! God Bless him. Time for a few Thin Mints, milk, and then bed!


*** said...

as always, you get yourself out of a calamity...in this case, nothing major. Ya for the arbitration to go well. WOOHOO!

thin mints...makes me hungry. not good!

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh no!!!

Ok, story time for you....

When I was a summer associate, I was wearing a suit for some reason. I was demonstrating the "Bye Bye Bye" dance to someone, and my suit pants ripped.

In the hall.

In front of everyone.

Feel a little better yet? ;)

dapotato said...

you rock - even with your fly busted. ;)

i want some thin mints now.

Taryn said...

Holy smokies! Talk about bad timing - but good job with the fix it! I think it's definitely time for a quality suit. And I'm glad your arbitration went so well!

Sarah said...

Of course! Murphy's law. Glad it went okay anyway.

And I didn't know it was girl scout cookie season again!?

angel said...

i have definitely caught my fly down at inopportune moments. ;-) glad you are enjoying the arbitration!! work it!

amber said...

oh no!! :O

get thee to a nordies and get a sturdy suit!

glad to hear the arbitration is going well :)

Lilcee said...

omg! I'm sure no one noticed but that is a funny story and it ended happily ever after.


wan-nabe said...

i am DYING at this story. but all's well that ends well!

mmm, girl scout cookies. i hope mine come soon.

Winnie said...

Oh no! At least nobody saw right? And yes, you should definitely reward yourself for a job well done with a new nice suit from a non-outlet store :)