Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

I love Saturday mornings. The following things are making me smile this morning:
  • Sunshine in my backyard.
  • Scrambled eggs and toast.
  • Sitting with a big cup of coffee on my couch in my holey yoga pants and old sweatshirt.
  • Woody, Ella, and Rocko (we are dog sitting for Jackie!) running (dare I say "frolicking"?) around the backyard.
  • The smell of Schwee's birthday cake baking.
  • An email from Jackie and Schube from Australia!
  • Josh puttering around, trying to fix the pool. He is just like his dad, I swear.

Now that my laptop is open, and I have done a little procrastiblogging (best word ever, H), I should probably get to work. Enjoy the beautiful day. :)


events by ricci said...

had some stuff to do this morning, but now I'm the one lounging in yoga pants and a hoodie :)

H said...

hahahaha...procrastibloggers unite!

sounds like a lovely saturday morning :-)

angel said...

wasn't it the most beautiful day?? i thought the same sunshiney thoughts as i sat and enjoyed a yummy brunch on a patio today. ;-)

Nanette said...

Lovely day!

wan-nabe said...

that's a great new word! i love it.

amber said...

cute post :) yay for happy saturdays!

R said...

I need a yoga pants lounging kind of day. Sounds sublime. :)