Friday, May 9, 2008

A week in review.

So much to say, so much to say. A lot has happened in the last week. Let's see . . .

Saturday, we went to Josh's rugby banquet at the Cornell Winery. Can I just say, I am in love with this place? It may have something to do with the big, gorgeous chandelier. Or, maybe that it's all the fabulous wine awakened my inner oenophile. It's not yet open to the public (only private events), but I'm pretty sure I'll be a regular once it is. In the meantime, I have dropped some massive hints that this would be a good place for a birthday party . . . Haha. Yes, I'm so subtle.

After the banquet, we met up with my sis, Ajax, my dad, and his girlfriend at this dive bar in Camarillo that Josh and my dad love. I think they love it because of the ridiculous karaoke that takes place there. Well, Bug decided it would be a good idea to have Irish car bombs. Before I knew it, we were belting out a very bad rendition of "Tiny Dancer." The night ended with me jumping into our pool. Enough said.

Sunday, I worked during the day, and then Josh and I met up with Jackie and PJ to see Iron Man at Arclight. I am a big Robert Downey, Jr. fan, so I was easily persuaded. It was a great movie. Exactly the sort of fun, summer movie I have been needing lately. I definitely recommend it if you like the other comic book movies.

The early part of the week was a little rocky, to say the least. However, my week was saved by a wonderful dinner with WeeMo and Trish at Sai Sai. I love these girls and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

Also, a random highlight: I ran into the Verizon guy on the corner of the street outside my building where they were, apparently, filming a Verizon commercial! It took all my self-control to not respond to his "hello" with "Can you hear me now? Good!" Haha. Wonder how many times he's heard that!

Today, my co-worker, Ryan, and I had lunch at Yorkshire Grill, my favorite greasy spoon downtown. I had the Yorkshire Special, my fave, a sandwich with turkey, pastrami, swiss and cole slaw in the sandwich. It is so good. Although, it's pretty heavy, which made me want to take a nap!

This weekend is Josh's bday! We have a lot of fun plans, many of which will be blogged about, I'm sure. Tonight, we are kicking off celebrating Josh's birthday by going to see Kids in the Hall at the Orpheum. Josh is a huge fan and is super excited. Should be fun!

**Side note: I am annoyed by the formatting of this post and cannot get it to work for me. Why is some text scrunched and some is not? Grrr, Blogger, grrr.


California Girl said...

How, I love the winery! That is so awesome! I'm totally putting that on my list.

You are too cute, getting bombed and jumping into the pool. I love it!

Hope you have a great weekend! Happy, happy birthday Josh!

Winnie said...

Hehehe jumping into the pool? That's the definition of a good party.

Boo to work. BOOOO. I hope things get better for you.

R said...

Sounds like your bad week is sandwiched in between two good weekends and an early week're not doing do bad. ;) Happy birthday to Josh and have a great celebration weekend! :)

Sarah said...

So much fun-ness to be had. Sorry about your Lifetime moment, but we all have them.

The visual of you jumping in the pool made me laugh.

dapotato said...

ooh, that winery looks wonderful! and not just because of its name. on the contrary, maybe despite its name.

love the thought of you jumping in the pool, late night.

WeezerMonkey said...

You KNOW I would've been the tool to say that to the Verizon guy. Absolutely!

As founding president of the CBC, I welcome you to our organization, although I am simultaneously saddened that you've joined and that our club even exists.

Happy early birthday to Josh!

wan-nabe said...

the winery looks fab!

i'm sorry you had icky crap at work, but there's nothing like a GTG with good friends to get through it!

happy birthday to josh!

H said...

omg, i SO feel your pain on wack blogspot formatting. i won't hold it against you.

re: verizon guy...i think you should have gone for it, but then again, my celeb sightings are pretty much limited to that big guy from ER (the receptionist? jerry?), so what the hell do i know?

happy birthday to the weatherboy! he should have invited me...did he forget i am the life of the party??

Megan said...

Happy birthday weekend to Josh from the Caldwells! J is so sad that he doesn't get to see Kids in the Hall; I'm sure he'll be doing his own impromptu in our living room. We miss you guys...maybe you should move back to WA, we have lots of lovely wineries.

weatherboy said...

28 years old, still refuses to grow up!!!


amber said...

lots of fun (and not so fun) stuff. a night is always more fun when it ends with someone jumping in the pool! ;)