Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad's birthday is not until next Thursday, but we thought we'd celebrate this weekend since he and Cathy will be on vacation the following weekend. Cathy put together a really nice party: a bbq with family and friends. Oh, and a little bit of karaoke.

I made the birthday cake. My dad wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite!). I decided to try and make it from scratch. You know, in all my spare time. ;) It turned out pretty well . . .

Yellow cake batter.

The finished product: three-layer yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting.

We headed out to Camarillo after going to the travel clinic to get shots, health insurance, and a prescription for antibiotics for our trip to China. The antibiotics prescription may sound weird, but I have decided it's a good precaution after suffering through the nasty sickness that knocked us out halfway through the honeymoon. If you haven't heard that story, suffice to say it is both comedy and tragedy.

We arrived in Cam around 4:00 p.m. with birthday cake and birthday hats in tow.

The birthday boy!

Bug and our wire fox terrier, Woody. He's such a grumpy old man, but he'll still cuddle sometimes.

Bug and Ajax. This pic is a bit awkward, no? Haha.

Speaking of awkward . . . My husband is a spaz. :)

Self-photo! I am never in these party pics since I am always the one taking the pictures (go figure).

Bug and Dad.

Dad was trying to convince me to reverse the number candles so that it said he is 35. Nice try.

Yes, 53. There we go, dad...

Dad and his girlfriend Cathy. She's the best.

The birthday cake . . .

Ajax and Ella crashed on the couch . . .

It was a good birthday, I think. Josh and Bug spent most of the day in the pool. In fact, when we decided to call it a night around 11 p.m., Josh was still in the pool!

I crashed as soon as we got home, around midnight. I probably could have slept all through today, but Josh finally woke me up a little before 1 p.m. I haven't slept that late in awhile, and it felt amazing!

Not sure what the plans are for today. Josh mentioned seeing Indiana Jones, which I think sounds like a fabulous idea. The grey weather here (which I adore!) makes me was to just poke around town and be lazy today.


WeezerMonkey said...

Hilarious re your self-portrait. You will see the silly one I took yesterday soon. You'd think that more people would be able to use a DSLR on auto. Ugh.

Nanette said...

Happy birthday, Jen's dad!

And mmm...CAKE! Looks yummy!

California Girl said...

Your cake looks delicious!

So happy to hear that you slept in. You need that poor thing!

I'm very inspired to hear that your fam was in the pool this weekend. We're heating the pool for memorial tomorrow and I'm hoping it will it entice people to get in!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Dad! He looks really young. Good genes. Lucky you! :)

angel said...

cake from scratch?? you're my hero. ;-) i'm still too chicken to try, especially when duncan hines makes such a tasty boxed version. haha

H said...

re: Woody - Hi little man! I miss you!!

re: spazzy husband- Someone has to be the life of the party :p

and of course, happy birthday, Dave!


dapotato said...

yay for yellow cake + chocolate...the bear's fave, too.

that pool seems very handy.

*** said...

So cute! I can vouch for how great that cake is. :)

amber said...

love the self-portrait! and excellent job on that cake. mmmmm!

wan-nabe said...

happy birthday, weatherdad!

the cake looks lovely! look at you, all domestical and stuff :)

R said...

The picture of Josh made me laugh out loud. Happy birthday WeatherDad!

Winnie said...

Happy happy birthday, Jen's dad! The cake looks delicious.