Monday, June 2, 2008

Mojitos, Martinis, and SATC.

And so, another week has started, and I am already ready for the weekend . . .

Friday, we had a "team meeting" with Jackie and PJ to narrow down locations we can all agree on for a potential trip in March. They came over, we poured some wine, and then we all compared lists. There were two spots that ended up on all four of our lists: Thailand and Argentina. So, now we need to pick between the two. Where should we go?

Saturday, I slept until the late morning (oh, sweet, luxurious sleep). Josh was the best husband ever and grabbed me a breakfast burrito (my fave!) from a little cafe by our house, and we vegged, ate breakfast, and watched TV. So relaxing.

In the evening, we went to a firm party at Elevate in downtown. We ended up sitting with a couple good friends of mine instead of mingling all night like a good associate. (Hey, it was Saturday.) We had a B-list celebrity spotting: Nicole Linkletter, the winner of Cycle 5 of America's Next Top Model.

I had a couple delicious mojitos and some amazing sushi. After a couple of hours, some good food and drinks, and making the rounds, Josh and I escaped out the side door to meet up with Bug and Ajax at Arclight.

Bug and I are both huge Sex and the City fans, and we had purchased tickets for the 21 and over show over a week ago. Actually, we got the last of the tickets . . . a week ago! Apparently, there are other obsessive fans. We dragged Josh and Ajax, and they were pretty much the only men there. Since it was a 21+ showing, all the women there were, well, tipsy. (We definitely had a cosmo in honor of the occasion.) There was lots of cheering, booing, and gasping throughout the show. It was pretty fantastic.

As for the movie, I have to say I totally loved it. Actually, I want to see it again.

Sunday, I slept in . . . again. It was a fabulously lazy day. I left the house only to get a pedicure with Jackie and then grab fro yo with Jackie and PJ. It was lovely!

Time to watch the Bachelorette. I know. I can't believe I watch it either, but I can't seem to look away!


Winnie said...

I was so hooked on the Bachelor last season :X I'm not interested in watching boys acting all catty like girls though so I haven't been watching the Bachelorette this season.

Yay for SATC and great girlfriends!

dapotato said...

fab weekend.

thailand or argentina...tough. so different, and i haven't been to either. no help here. :P

California Girl said...

Thailand is awesome. I vote for Thailand.

And SATC was so wonderful. I just loved it!

R said...

I vote for Argentina but that's just 'cause I want to go there. ;)

I'm glad you got some relaxation time in this past weekend. Much deserved. :)

wan-nabe said...

really, that was quite a fabulous weekend! you deserve more of those.

and, i vote thailand. it just looks so interesting.

10yearstogether said...

I would love to go to either Argentina or Thailand, I don't think you can go wrong with either!

amber said...

fun weekend!

both of those vacation spots sound like a lot of fun. quite different, of course, but fun all the same. :)

i keep forgetting that summer associate season is here. yikes! :/

tootie said...

I've been to Argentina - it's awesome! It feels very European, and it's very affordable.

But I don't think you could go wrong with either!