Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bug's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Weekend

My sis got married in April, so March was full of wedding celebrations. I am so tardy blogging these parties, but better late than never.

First, the bridal shower. Bug really wanted to do a tea, and I hunted around for the perfect spot. I decided on the Langham Huntington Hotel (formerly the Ritz Carlton) in Pasadena.

Here is a shot of the table. We had about 25 guests.

One of the three centerpieces.

The food was absolutely delicious. Here is one of the scones with cream and jam.

Strawberries and cream

Prosciutto di Parma Ham on Squaw Bread with Buratta Mousse and Cantaloupe Caviar, Micro Basil;
Smoked Salmon Profiterole with Caramelized Shallot Caper Cream, Dill Sprig, and Lemon Zest;
Egg Wheel on Potato Peppercorn Bread with Garlic Herb Mouse, Chive and American Caviar; and
Watercress Pesto Marinated Caribbean Shrimp on Herb Garlic Bread with Tomato Cilantro Relish.

Passion Fruit Gateau;
Milk Chocolate Citrus Torte;
Lemon Raspberry Tart;
Almond Financier; and
Creme Brulee Tart.

We also had champagne, and, of course, tea!

After a few (hopefully painless) games, it was time for presents.

Bug opening the quilt I made her.

Then, we took a group shot outside in the garden.

Bug and her med school girls.

Family shot.

I went back to pick up the remaining favors (macarons from Paulette's -- I was not about to leave those delicious morsels behind), and I caught my family red-handed packing up the extra scones. (You may recall this it their M.O.)

Then, the next weekend, it was time for the bachelorette party! Bug wanted to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara, so it was more of a bachelorette weekend.

We stayed at the Canary Hotel, which was a gorgeous little boutique right off State Street.

A pic of our room.

Sadly, I didn't take photos of the best part of the hotel -- the rooftop pool. There are some pics on the website, if you're interested.

After checking in Friday night, it was time for happy hour.

Friday night, we went to the rooftop pool, ate pizza, and drank wine before heading out for a wild night on the town. There are lots of pictures, but none that are blog appropriate!

Saturday morning, we woke up early to meet the stretch Escalade limo to take us to the wineries!

Inside the limo.

First stop: Firestone Vineyards.

Second stop: Fess Parker.

My sis found a hat commemorating a new Fess Parker wine that she had to have.

Third stop: Foley Estates.

Yes, we were wearing matching Bachelorette shirts for wine tasting. Here is a sort of blurry shot of the back.

After wine tasting and a nap, we had a nice dinner at Coast Restaurant Saturday night.

Each girl brought Bug a pair of underwear, and she had to guess who gave her what. It was pretty entertaining.

Dental floss?

Granny panties!

From me

After dinner, it was more fun on the town. Again, nothing blog appropriate, but it was a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun. Let's just say we had a minor run in with the law and a jerky bartender, but it all worked out.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast and headed home to L.A., a little worse for the wear but with some great stories.

Phew. March was a busy month getting Bug ready for her big day. Now that this post is done, maybe I can finally post some wedding pictures!


weezermonkey said...

You are the best sister!

dapotato said...

you totally win best sister award.

the tea at the langham looks good. i've been wanting to try it.

i guess italian "adults" are like asian "adults." pack everything.

wan said...

what an awesome way to celebrate! nice job, sis.

danica said...

Fun!! Great update.

Going to second an earlier comment -- Cambodian adults are totally like Italian adults in terms of the hoarding of "free" stuff category. That made me laugh because I recenly witness my relatives doing the same thing at a nice venue!

All of this is great, but next time, I want to see Jenny in pics too!

amber said...

Looks like you girls had such a great time!!

Winnie said...

You're an awesome sister! Looked like a terrific time. LOVED the picture of your relative being caught red-handed. She reminds me of, well, my relatives.