Friday, June 18, 2010

Julianne's Wedding!!!

On April 17th, my little sis married the love of her life. I could not have imagined a more perfect wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun.

Their wedding was at Walnut Grove, a really unique outdoor spot that suited them perfectly.

Below are some photos taken by the wonderful Kimberlee Miller.

My gorgeous sis.

The ceremony ... about to begin.


Bug, Anthony, and their devilish dog, Pazzi, who came by for pictures.

Anthony cracks me up.

Dad + daughter. So sweet.

Bug and Anthony met in medical school at USC. Anthony also attended undergrad at USC, where he was in the marching band. Also, both of my parents are Trojans, so the crowd was dominated by Trojans (sorry, Bruin friends) and Huskies.

As a surprise, Bug and Anthony's brother arranged to have the USC marching band show up and play a few songs at the reception.

Someone brought a trombone for Anthony, and he jumped right in.

Then we danced the tarantella and threw Bug and Anthony up on some chairs.

Their exit. Love this photo.

It was truly a magical day. I adore my new brother-in-law; he is a great addition to our crazy family. And, I am so happy to see my baby sister so happy. I can't wait for the many adventures the four of us we will have in the years to come.


weezermonkey said...

I love it all. Your family really knows how to do weddings!

dapotato said...

beautiful wedding. beautiful photos.

Nanette said...


wan said...

what a wonderful day! congrats to bug and the mr. :)

danica said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures -- looks like a beautiful day!

I miss your blog updates! Great to see them again.

amber said...

So beautiful!! Your sister is glowing!

Breanna said...

Bug's wedding looks like it was a fabulous event! She is so blessed to have a big sister like you to share in her special day!

Winnie said...

Congratulations to your sister and new BIL! Beautiful photos.