Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day trip to Homer.

In case you're curious where, exactly, Kenai is on the map, it is located on the Kenai Peninsula in "south central" Alaska.

Here's the Kenai Peninsula. See that little road connecting Anchorage to Kenai/Soldotna to Homer? So, when we first moved to Alaska, I was informed by our high school counselor that we were "lucky" to have moved to the "bigger cities" (Kenai and Soldotna each have between 6,000 and 7,000 people) that have roads in and out. True enough, you have to fly in and out of many towns in Alaska. So yeah, yay for the highway!

But, I digress. Yesterday was such a pretty day. The sun was out and the air was cool and crisp (about 60 degrees). Since the weather was so pretty, we decided to drive to Homer, hometown of Jewel and my co-worker Ryan.

On our way out of town, we stopped at the most incredible bakery in Soldotna called The Moose is Loose. It has the most amazing cinnamon pastries.

The drive to Homer is a little over two hours. Mom, Josh, and I piled into Doug's truck, since Mom's car is still parked somewhere in Old Town Kenai, waiting for the tow truck.

I think Homer may be the prettiest city on the Peninsula. It has the most spectacular mountain and lake views, and during certain times of the year, there are as many bald eagles around as sea gulls on a California beach.

There was a fog on the lake around the mountains. Pictures just do not do it justice.

Josh and me.

This time of year, there is fireweed, a purply wildflower, everywhere. Supposedly, once all the little buds have fallen off, winter will begin. Looks like we have a little time left ...

We stopped at Fat Olives for lunch. Lunch was absolutely outstanding! We started with the fondue as an appetizer.

Then, we ordered the Mediterranean Pizza (pesto, mozzarella, kalamata olives, tomatoes, capers) which was delicious!

I think Josh could eat pizza for every meal.


Our next stop was the Homer Spit, a long boardwalk with little shops and restaurants. One of the most famous stops is the Salty Dawg Saloon.

My mom in front of the Salty Dawg.

A fishing charter that had just come back. (Side note: If you're wondering why you haven't seen any pictures of me fishing yet, well that's because after working in a fish cannery, I cannot imagine catching and cleaning a fish "for fun." I mean, I will float in the boat and drink a beer, but I do not even want to see another fish gut as long as I live.)

Our last stop was the Homer Brewing Co.

This bear + banjo greet you as you walk in.

We tried all six of their beers and walked out with a growler for later.

This bumper sticker made me laugh.

We got home and called Makenzie and Ashley, two of my very dear friends from high school. Stupidly, I didn't take any pictures, but I'm sure I will see them today or tomorrow. We went to Ashley's house, met her little boy, Ben, (who is absolutely adorable!) and dog Annie (whom I want to steal).

This morning, I was on a conference call, but now that that's done, I think it's time to get dressed and go do something fun.


R said...

That first picture of the mountains and fog on the lake is beautiful. That picture of Josh and the pizza is still making me chuckle. So great!

WeezerMonkey said...

I went fishing in Homer when I was 14. I don't remember much except for that. :)

California Girl said...

So beautiful! Seriously, I think I would love it there.

amber said...

i don't think i'd be up for viewing any more fish guts if i were you either :/

dapotato said...

you grew up in south central?
so pretty!

Winnie said...

How beautiful! I love the picture of Josh with the pizza.

Arian said...

It's a little disturbing that your mom is wearing what looks to be a down parka in August...

Sarah said...

You went to all my favorite Homer spots! I love Fat Olives (especially love all their wines!) and the Homer Brewing Company . . . I heart the Homer Brewing Company's growlers.

Did you put a dollar up at the Salty Dog?


wan-nabe said...

really, these pictures are just so fabulous!

i could eat pizza every day too, if my butt would let me.

[giggling at "buttwhackers"]

Sarah said...

Pizza for every meal? I think Josh is my people.

What a fun trip. Lucky you with all your traveling!!