Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kitchen Dreams.

For our anniversary, Josh and I kept with our two traditions from last year: a fabulously fancy dinner and a champagne toast using our wedding toasting flutes.

Last year, we ate a multi-course meal at the Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena (now the Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel). This year, we decided to make reservations at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel.

Josh is a huge Gordon Ramsay fan. Well before Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen, Josh religiously watched Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and The "F" Word, both on the BBC America.

Walking into the hotel and restaurant is like dying and going to modern art deco heaven. The hotel and restaurant were designed by David Collins. When I win the lottery, we are hiring him to help with the design of our Malibu beach house.

We ordered the chef's seven-course menu. They were very accommodating and did a vegetarian version for Josh. The sommelier paired different wines with each course. Such a treat!

Bread basket! (Josh was in love with the goat cheese cracker bread.)

Course #1: Smoked Mushroom and Foie Gras Chawanmushi
Wine #1: 2004 Baumard, Coteaux du Layon, Carte d'Or

Course #2: Pacific Yellow Fin Tuna with Pickled Daikon, Crab Beignets, Sesame Soy Dressing
Wine #2: Eiko Fuji Junmai Ginjo (sake)

Course #3: Burrata Mozzarella with Heirloom Tomatoes, Cape Gooseberries, Basil Pesto
Wine #3: 2007 Kurt Angerer, Gruner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria

(The tomatoes were probably the most delicious tomatoes I have ever had. So fresh and sweet but still firm. Even Josh liked them, and he's not a fan of tomatoes.)

Course #4: Hand-Dived Sea Scallops, Cauliflower Puree, and Sherry Vinegar Wine Reduction
Wine #4: 2006 Saintsburg Chardonnay, Carneros, CA

Course #5: Rack of Sonoma Lamb and Confit Shoulder, Pearl Onions, Pomme Puree
Wine #5: 1999 Rioja, Lopez de Heredia

Course #6: Cara Cara Orange Three Ways, Cinnamon Ice Cream, and Rose Water Sabayon
Wine #6: Scagliola Moscato d'Asti

(This was the "pre-dessert," and Josh's favorite wine pairing. The sparkling wine plus the dessert tasted like like creamsicle. Delish.)

Course #7: Confit Bing Cherries, Valrhona Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Banyuls
Wine #7: Doke Monestralle

Our server brought us out a scoop of plum ice cream to congratulate us on our anniversary. The ice cream tasted like an actual, tart plum.

We talked with our server, Cooper, a bit throughout the night, and after learning Josh was a fan of Gordon Ramsay, he offered to take us on a tour of the kitchen. Of course, we said yes!

Each glass is hand polished. For each course, we got a fresh wine glass and fresh flatware. So, someone hand polished 14 glasses just for us. Pretty crazy.

My favorite stop ... the cellar!

Gordon Ramsay was great. I would definitely go back again for a special occasion. The service was friendly and everyone was extremely attentive. Plus, the food and wine were truly spectacular -- well paired, flavorful, and interesting.

After dinner, we were completely stuffed. We waddled to the car and headed back to our house.

Josh broke out the champagne and our wedding toasting flutes, and we toasted to our two wonderful years together ... and hopefully many more to come!


WeezerMonkey said...

Ahh! So fabulous! So jealous!

tootie said...

Congrats! The food looked fantastic. (It's amazing I didn't start gnawing at my computer screen ;)

And how cool that you got a tour!

amber said...

the food looks amazing! and that is so cool that you got to tour the kitchen!!

angel said...

yummmm!!! that is so neat they took you on a kitchen tour, too. ;-) happy anniversary to you and josh. xoxo!

California Girl said...

What a fantastic night! I'm so happy it went so beautifully!

dapotato said...

fab! jealous! tour!

chawanmushi AND burrata? i might have died and gone to heaven.

i like the champagne & wedding flutes touch. so cute.

wan-nabe said...

wow, what a fab looking meal!

happy anniversary, again :)

Trisha said...

OMG how cool! That looks like such an amazing meal. Was the winner of Hell's Kitchen there?

Nanette said...

How awesome! That place is high on our list of must-visit-before-baby-gets-here restaurants, and not just 'cuz we're also Gordon Ramsay fans.

R said...

It looks so great! I didn't know Josh was a vegetarian. Good to know they accommodate for that. Happy Anniversary...again! :)

Winnie said...

Wow! The food looks so delicious. [drooling] Happy anniversary!

Peter said...

So fancy. I must be totally uncultured though because I had no clue what half of that stuff was...