Friday, August 22, 2008

Coffee, tea, and no more naked me.

Progress over here on the house. We have been living for ten months with no window coverings -- none -- in our house. Finally, yesterday, we ordered wood blinds for every window in this house. No more changing in the bathroom for fear our-sweet-but-nosey-neighbor will accidentally get a free peak of naked me. No more waking up at 7 a.m. on weekend mornings because the sun is up. No more wondering if some freaky escape con is staring in at me from our dark back yard (okay, this may be a bit paranoid, but I'm sure you're picking up what I'm laying down).

My sister's and Jackie's response to my "We ordered window coverings!" exclamation is "Finally!!! Geez!" Was it really that bad, guys?

They should arrive in two weeks. Just in time for the arrival of "The Italians." Two of my cousins are coming to visit for two weeks in September, so we have been trying to get the house in a little better shape (i.e., actually find some furniture and other basics like, er, blinds). The list is still long, but we did cross off another item today:

Coffee table for the formal living room! It's so cute in-person. (If you don't like it, I don't mind a little lying in the comments.) That room actually is technically furnished now, although it still looks so bare because there is nothing on the walls. Maybe I will tell the Italians we are going for the minimalist look? Hmm.


dapotato said...

that coffee table is actually a really great buy. love the texture/veneer pattern on top. it does look better in person.

yay for the italians motivating you! :)

WeezerMonkey said...

I like the table.

I can't stand waking up early because of the sun. When we were at the loft, being ghetto as I am, I hung Dodger fleece blankets on the windows to block the sun because the curtains were so sheer.


California Girl said...

I think the table is totally cute!

Congrats on the window coverings. Like I told you, we recently got some in our bedroom after living for over a year without them! I didn't really mind, as the sun coming in helped to get my ass out of bed every morning. But now that I have them, I wonder how nuts I was to go so long without them :)

Hmmm, artwork. That's a toughie. Are you two planning a vacation to Thailand any time soon? They have great artists there, and you can buy wonderful reproductions of just about any painting. Just sayin'.

Winnie said...

I like the table. Seriously.

I think you should get a few frames and blow up some of the photos you've taken for wall art.

wan-nabe said...

i, too, like the table. for real!

H said...

Walls can be tough, but I trust your style - you'll know it when you see it ;-)

Ditto to the suggestion to use some of your photos - you've posted some great ones on here!

amber said...

that table is very cool. similar to what we're looking for actually, i just think that a rectangular shape would work better with our furniture/the room.

yay for window coverings!!

Sarah said...

Cute table! Furnishing a house is really difficult. It definitely takes some time. Glad to hear things are progressing :)

R said...

I like your table! Where did you get it?