Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Recap: Wine, Movie, and the Getty.

How is it already Sunday? I swear, the weekend just flies by.

A quick recap: Friday, Jackie and PJ came over, we drank some wine, and discussed more trip plans. Hopefully we will have our tickets booked soon, and then I will post what where we finally decided to go!

Saturday, Josh and I ate breakfast, and then I worked a little. In the evening, we saw Tropic Thunder. I was pretty opposed to seeing this movie at first, but after seeing the good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (my movie-going Bible), I was convinced. It was pretty good, but I can definitely understand why it's inspired some protests. Also, Tom Cruise was pretty ridiculous in it. I used to think he was a good actor, but now I just think he is crazy, and the camera manages to capture his antics at the right time. Still, he has a pretty good dance scene at the end.

This morning, Josh and I met my sister and her boyfriend at the Getty Museum. Bug and I had been planning on seeing the Bernini exhibit. We both lived in Rome for awhile (and it is still my favorite place), so we have a soft spot for Bernini, who designed many of the incredible fountains and piazzas throughout the city.

We took the tram up to the museum from the parking lot. The Getty itself is worth seeing, even absent all of the incredible works of art it houses: the view and architecture are just stunning.

Bug and Ajax.

Our first stop was the Bernini exhibit. Sadly, no photos are allowed, but here is Bug modeling the entrance sign.

The exhibit was pretty good. It was mostly busts and a few paintings. It, of course, cannot even compare to the incredible works at the Galleria Borghese in Rome (Bug and I found pictures of our favorite Bernini sculptures for Josh and Anthony in the gift shop), but the busts were still pretty cool. All of the subjects of Bernini's sculpted "portraits" seem as though they are about to start speaking. Each bust looked as if Bernini sculpted the person mid-sentence or mid-thought, with the person's face muscles and expression frozen. Pretty impressive. It made me wish I had an ounce of artistic talent.

After leaving the Bernini exhibit, we strolled a bit throughout the Getty.

We started getting a little loopy, so ... it was time for lunch!

We headed to the museum cafe. Bug ordered a chili cheese dog with sweet potato fries. (It's so unfair that she's so skinny. Boo.)

Ajax and I ordered the Getty Burger with sweet potato fries.

The burger was great! The bun was made of potato bread, and the burger tasted as if it had come off a backyard bbq.

Josh ordered pizza ... of course!

It looked better in real life, I swear. This picture makes it look like cardboard.

After our delicious lunch, we were all pretty much in food coma. I snapped this picture of Josh. Isn't he cute?

After lunch and walking around a little more, we headed to our car and fought traffic out of the parking garage and headed back to our house.

This evening, I have some work that needs to be tackled. I had planned on working late tomorrow night, but then I remembered that we have tickets to tomorrow's Radiohead show at the Hollywood Bowl with Jackie and PJ! Woo hoo! So, there's some motivation for me not to procrastinate, as usual.


WeezerMonkey said...

It has been ages since I've gone to the Getty. As you know, Mr. Monkey is not into museums like I am.

Let's go together in the future? :)

California Girl said...

Oh the Getty! You were right in my neighborhood!

I'm going to jump on the cool train and say I would love to come along too :)

Winnie said...

Oooh! I love the Getty so so much. We used to go there all the time when we were dating. The food and the view from the Restaurant is amazing :)

angel said...

i heart the getty. ;-)

dapotato said...

i too am a fan of the getty.

wan-nabe said...

you lived in rome? i swear, i learn more and more fascinating facts about you every time you post :)

H said...

sounds like a fun weekend :-) these food pics are making me hungry tho! looks so yummy!!

amber said...

<3 the getty <3

jim and i love it there, but a girls trip one day would be fun!

jmawrey said...

Mmmm... chili cheese and sweet potato fries...

Kitt said...

Tell Josh to lay off the cheese pizzas! He knows he shouldn't eat those... :)

R said...

I would love to see the Getty someday. I've got to make my way over there.