Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaptivating Kenai

(Yes, I know "captivating" is not spelled with a "K." Our high school spelled everything with a "K" to match "Kenai." For example, our mascot? The Kardinals.)

So, it is such a pretty day here, and I am sipping coffee and looking out at the beautiful Kenai River while typing this from my parents' office. I could get used to this.

Here's what we have been up to ...

Monday morning, I woke up, did a little work, blogged a little, and then got dressed for the day. My mom and I went to the Soldotna Mall to get pedicures at a new mani/pedi shop that has opened up, and Josh took Doug's truck into town to meet up with PJ and his brother, Bryce, at Short Stop. Short Stop is essentially a gas station in the middle of Soldotna, but it has a very small, indoor miniature golf area and some video games. Josh and I spent countless hours here in high school. Josh was always trying to beat some kung fu video game and held the high score for who knows how long (he reported, sadly, that it is no longer there), and eating a ridiculous amount of joe joe potatoes. What can I say ... there's wasn't a lot to do around here. :)

Mom and I arrived at the Soldotna Mall. Now, "mall" might be generous. The Soldotna Mall is more like an indoor strip mall attached to a grocery store and a Gottschalks (the only department store on the Kenai Peninsula).

Um, so ... I saw this shirt in the mall. I remember seeing it after 9/11 in the Soldotna Mall, and I was equally shocked and appalled to see it again. Seriously?

The pedicure was great. Although, my mom, in typical pushy-Italian-mom fashion, insisted the lady sanitize her tools (not that I blame her) and then wear gloves. The lady scrubbed the hell out of her feet (my mom is pretty ticklish), and I cracked up, later telling her it was revenge.

Our pretty toes.

The rest of Monday was pretty low key. My mom cooked the most amazing salmon for dinner. Then, we met up with PJ, went to Dairy Queen (also a staple from back in the day), and then back to our house.

Tuesday, we got up, got dressed, and headed into Kenai to pick up Doug's truck (he is at work until Friday). Josh wanted to drive around Old Town Kenai for a bit, so we did.

Here's a picture of Kenai Joes, one of the oldest bars in town. It's for sale. Josh wants to buy it. Haha.

We walked along the bluff for awhile. It was so pretty, and I took a gazillion pictures. Here are a few ...

Mom and Josh.

The next stop on our walk was the Russian Orthodox Church. It is a Kenai landmark and as pretty and quaint as I remembered it.

We walked from the church toward Veronica's, the coffeehouse we used to go to and my favorite hang-out spot.

Flowers in front of Veronica's.

The outside of Veronica's. We used to go for the live music where local musicians played acoustic guitars and sang what probably could best be described as folksy indie music.

As we continued our walk, we passed this law office. My mom joked that I should work there. There was a time I would have been annoyed at the thought, but it doesn't sound so bad lately.

Further along the bluff.



We stopped at a little pottery shop/art gallery in Old Town and poked around. We got ready to leave, and the car died in the middle of the parking lot. Josh volunteered to walk to the pick-up truck (yes, Kenai is that small).

Mom and I stayed behind, and she called Doug to see if she could fix it. But, no luck.

Josh arrived with our ride, and we were off.

We headed back to Soldotna and ate dinner at a new restaurant called The Crossing that opened up since we were last here. It's owned by the parents of our friend from high school, and my mom and Doug gave it raving reviews, so we were excited to try it. I had the bacon-wrapped filet, and it was terrific! I think it is, by far, the best restaurant in Kenai and Soldotna! Two big thumbs up!

Back at the house, I lazed around, read a book, and vegged out. Josh and PJ went out to Hooligan's, and I stayed home to spend time with my mom. It was very relaxing.

Today, we are headed to Homer. I am supposed to be ready in 45 minutes, so I should probably get it in gear. More soon.


Moviegirl20 said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely time!

California Girl said...

This is so cool. Seriously, like a whole other reality! What a mellow place to have grown up.

WeezerMonkey said...

I love the Russian Orthodox church!

dapotato said...

so cute and quaint! and i don't mean it in a condescending way at all. sounds like a really good getaway for you guys, too.

amber said...

i can't believe you went to high school there. the trip down memory lane is really cool!

Winnie said...

How cute is this place! The church is really beautiful.

Sarah said...

Short Stop had the best ice cream. Kara and I used to go there and get the double scoop often - Mint Chip and Rocky Road. Always.

And I miss Veronica's! It is only when you head back to the Kenai that you realize what crap coffee they serve us down here! Even the drive-through places are better!


wan-nabe said...

these are gorgeous pictures! i especially love those black & whites.

Nanette said...

Gottschalks! The corporate offices are just outside of my hometown, so I grew up with that store. It was also big in my college town. I had no idea they had an Alaskan presence!